Monday, October 9, 2017

Scrapception and purge sewing

Yesterday's scrappy strippy triangle quilt top generated quite a number of subscraps. You know, those even scrappier scraps leftover from when you cut bits off your scrappy project? Well, I was determined not to keep the subscraps. Scraps get only get once chance here! So I pieced all the little bits into slabs and combined them with the cut off ends of the triangles.

Then I cut the chunks into random rectangles, bordered them with bright red, and set them in a yard of gray linen. It ended up being about 42"x42", a good baby quilt size. Kind of odd colors for a baby, but it has a very modern vibe and some young mom might like that.

The photo above has the flimsy hanging in front of a translucent blind, so I tossed it over our little round outdoor table to get a better photo of the true colors. Boy, that linen really attracts the lint! I'm not cleaning that up until I go to quilt it, someday. Since this top was made from scraps of scraps, I'm calling it Scrapception.

I cropped this out of the first photo, but realized that this scrappy quilt just happens to be the same colors as our trio of boat paintings. 

The purge quilting part of this blog post was getting rid of that gray linen. I've experimented with several types of fabric besides quilting cotton: silk, flannel, linen, corduroy and seersucker. Each one is interesting, but I don't particularly want to mix and match them in my quilts. And I simply don't have the room to store stashes of different types, so I'm purging the odd stuff.

This little quilt is also purely for purging purposes. All the green fabrics are more linen and I just wanted them gone gone gone. The greens matched this weird whimsical panel that I also wanted out of my life, so I took that as a sign to put them together. I like each block, but I can't wrap my head around why the panel included spaceships, mermaids and random animals. Somebody's own made up creation story? I don't know and I don't like it. I want my whimsy to have a consistent story line, apparently.

Here it is in the natural sunlight. The colors are very vibrant. The size is just under 36"x42" so it will only need a single yard for backing, and I have one yard of hot pink linen. Soon to be gone! I'll use a black and white stripe for the binding to pick up the inner printed borders on the panel.

The center stripe on Weirdly Whimsical (I guess that's what I'll call it) quilt, was a single strip scrap that came with this long quarter bundle of pretty homespun stripes and plaids. The pieces were clearly washed and are quite frayed, which must have frustrated the eBay seller, because I paid less than $1/yard for this. Sweet! No purging of this batch; I'm looking for a nice pattern to do it justice.


  1. you made such a great quilt with your scraps from scraps!!! wow.... I wish I had your imagination...
    I'm the opposite of you - I love the different textures in quilts - though I'm not so confident in using them myself I love to see it... so your linen with cotton looks great to me...

  2. You are sew clever and creative!

  3. I like the way you are using the it quilts up nice. These are fun combos and so creative!

  4. Fun observation about the colors in the trio of paintings. Great names for the scrap quilts, too!

  5. For your strip fabric, you should check out Missouri Star Quartered Stripes tutorial. I can see you are not letting any grass grow under your feet either, LOL

  6. You are making the most of your uninterrupted sewing time! I'm enjoying seeing what you are working on. I need to deal with my scraps soon and, yes, I have subscraps too.

  7. Love your naming ability, Louise. Maybe the Weirdly Whimsical panel is just a bunch of different fairy tale stories to help mama or grandma come up with stories to tell? Who knows! Ooo! That homespun IS pretty. Is that your next project? Or are you still looking for the perfect pattern?

  8. You're a whirling dervish of a scrapbuster my friend! Both cute finishes and sure to please someone as you say. I have two pieces of linen, not sure how I'll like it in with the cottons but one piece is grey and the other blue. Love those homespuns - I bought a bunch super-cheap ($3/yard) at a quilt shop this past winter and need to do something with them.

  9. 'Weirdly Whimsical', so funny.
    Sometimes looking at new and old fabric lines I wonder what the designer was thinking.
    It's always an adventure, isn't it?
    Nice work.

  10. An inspired way of using up the scraps of scraps! Like it a lot!!

  11. This is pure, fun quilt entertainment! I hope you don't mind my saying so, but it's so much fun to see what other quilters are up to and into. Each of your quilt stories and fabric thoughts had me chuckling and agreeing. Spaceships + mermaids = ?!?!

  12. Great use of those scraps! I love the modern feel of that baby blanket. Some mom will love it.


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