Friday, August 28, 2020

Quilts of Compassion

I finally shipped out the last of my Hands2Help Comfort Quilts for this year. The charity event ended back in June but I know the groups that receive the quilts can always use them. So I don't worry too much about when I get my donations shipped out. Hey, it's still 2020, right? (As if any of us could ever forget that it is 2020.)

This scrappy tumbler quilt has been given to Quilts of Compassion, who provide help to those who are recovering from disasters. I won a tumbler template in a blog giveaway last year, and have been using it to trim random scraps. I then sorted them into dark, light and medium values and stitched them into columns. The resulting top was pretty blah, so I framed it with two white and one skinny red border. That felt more fresh and clean.

You can see the mishmash variety of fabrics I used in this closeup. Everything but the kitchen sink! I quilted it in simple wavy lines running through each row.

The backing was pieced together with chunks of fabric that were given to me by my friend Steph. The red is the same as the skinny inner border, and I used that for the binding, too. I think that helped make the whole thing more cohesive. 

The colors of the backing are more true in this photo. I love all the sweet hearts in these fabrics. Thanks, Steph!
These two previously-blogged toddler quilts were sent to Quilts of Compassion in the same box. I'll definitely be donating to them again; their mission really speaks to me.

We are currently cruising New England and have made it as far northeast in Maine as we can get the big boat. This photo is from Plymouth, Massachusetts where we had several spectacular sunsets. This one took my breath away!