Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Quick tornado update

All is well here aboard m/y Vector. The serious tornado that touched down in New Orleans today missed us by about three miles. We had hail and big wind gusts, but no damage.

Several quilting friends have reached out to make sure we are OK. Thank you to everyone for your concern and care! Your kindness means a lot to me.

We'll be making a donation locally to help the folks who were directly impacted by the tornadoes. As long time Red Cross volunteers, we know that right now cash is king when it comes to donations. People will need to be fed, housed and probably clothed in the immediate future and money makes that happen. If you're moved to donate, here's the link.

The biggest, most dangerous tornado touched down in a neighborhood east of us while almost everyone was away at work or school. So while many homes were badly damaged, there were no fatalities and only a few serious injuries.  I'm thankful for that!

Edited 8 February 2017: We found out today that one of the boat yard workers lost his home in the tornado. We're hoping they will take up a collection to help him and that we can contribute, too.


  1. Happy to read you're fine, but sorry to hear about the damage and injuries to the residents. As you say if folks were at home it could have been much worse. Thank goodness we don't have tornadoes, actually we did have one over Christmas one year I remember now!

  2. I had not heard about the tornado, guess I didn't have the TV on. Glad to hear you are OK and that there were no fatalities. I am sure it was very scary, did you make it to a storm shelter or ride it out in the boat?

  3. Glad to know you escaped the brunt of the storm.

  4. oh gosh.... I didn't hear about that... glad you are okay...

  5. So glad you are okay. It did look terrible on the television.


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