Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Little Boy Blue

This small quilt top, measuring 42" x 42", is called Little Boy Blue. The focal fabric is a small panel that I bought in a local quilt shop in...Maine? I think. There were only the four blocks on the panel, then the pattern repeated, so I fattened the quilt up with scrappy 25 patches in creams and pale blues. The sashing is a brighter blue. Another row of scrappy 2.5" squares around the perimeter used up most of those bits and pieces. I'll use the same sashing fabric for the binding, which should tie it all together nicely.

The adventurous boys in the panels are so sweet! I'll take more detailed photos after I quilt this one so you can see their happy little faces.

While sewing one of the longer seams, my bobbin ran out. I changed it quickly and continued to sew. My machine suddenly was much, much smoother and quieter! Hmm, I wonder why? No matter, it sounds great! I sewed another long seam, then moved over to the ironing board. Those two seams were long, curved bows and when I tugged on them gently, the thread snapped. Wha??! It turns out that I hadn't put the bobbin in quite right, so the tension was super high on the bobbin side. I have no idea why that made the machine quieter, but lesson learned. Even what seems like a sudden improvement in sewing should be viewed with suspicion. Rethreading (and two looooong seams to rip) solved the problem.

Linking up with Sew Some Love, since this is a charity quilt for Project Linus.


  1. Lol, yes. In sewing as in life anytime things suddenly get better be suspicious :-). Thanks for linking up!

  2. Whoops!! That's one way to maximize your quilting dollar... sew the fabric twice. Have fun with the quilting!

  3. OMG Joyful Quilter-hahaha, that was a good one! I love your use of the little panel blocks, good way to stretch it into a useful quilt. I cleaned my secondary machine yesterday-yikes I could have made a quilt and used it for batting! Since I don't use it often I forget to clean it!! I am betting it might sew differently now, LOL

  4. It's interesting how we get to know the sounds of our machines so keenly. The quilt looks so sweet.

  5. very sweet quilt.... it's interesting to know how we get to understand the sounds of our machines..


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