Monday, February 13, 2017

One more for the road

Here is my final quilt finish for a while, Peaceful Pastures. I have decided that I will be doing only piecing work in the RV so that I can leave most of my bulky batting behind on the boat.

This little lap quilt was pieced, um, maybe a year ago? It promptly got folded up and forgotten until last week. Isn't it amazing how I can lose projects, even in as small a studio as mine? Anyway, I originally planned for it to be Project Linus kids' quilt, but the fabric is appealing to all ages. So when I learned this week that a friend's mother was very, very ill, I decided to make it a wheelchair quilt instead.

The pattern is a simple Attic Windows design, with the large scale pastoral scenery "viewed" through the window panes. Even though the pattern repeats a bit, with blue sky showing up in places other than the top, I think it still works. The other bits of sky blue read perhaps as ponds or lakes.

This big tree and larger birds seem to be right outside the window, with the rolling hills and grazing animals in the distance beyond. 

The back is pieced from a small scale floral and a spring green giraffe spot fabric. I bound it with a tonal dark brown to look like a picture frame.

I quilted it fairly sparsely to keep it soft by ditch stitching around all the window frames and sills, then loosely outlining all the animals and trees. Nothing too precise, just enough to make all the domestic beasties poof up a bit. Peaceful Pastures is off to its recipient in Seattle today.

And speaking of domestic animals, Angel is no worse for wear in the boatyard, even with all the noise and commotion. "Loud equipment vibrating through the boat? No problem, I'm just chillin' on this flat box."

"Piles of packing material and miscellaneous boat parts strewn everywhere? Cool, I'll explore this long skinny box." I hope she settles into the RV quickly, too. We should be moving either tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.


  1. Pretty kitty - and that gift quilt will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Angel seems to be a pretty laid back cat! What a peaceful scene in your Attic Window quilt, an ideal quilt for someone confined to a wheelchair.

  3. What a wonderful gift for your friend's mother! And thanks for the Angel photos; fun cat pics always make the day a little brighter.

  4. I love window pane quilts! Very fun! I didn't know you were a cat person! So is my daughter. She claims she is going to be a crazy cat lady when she gets old. :)

  5. Glad to hear things have not upset your kitty. What a perfect gift for someone in a wheel chair. It will give her a few hours of checking it all out.

  6. your window quilt is just delightful.... you sound well orgainised for your stint in the RV and I am always amused by cats and boxes..

  7. These attic window Quilts are one of my favorite patterns. The view through your window is so peaceful. I am sure your friends Mother will enjoy this quilt. Love the pictures of Angel. I really miss having a kitty around.

  8. How lovely, it really is like looking through a window, was it a panel? I like the way you quilted it, anything else would have detracted from the 'view'. I'm sure it will be much appreciated, it is such a thoughtful gift to someone who really needs it at this time in their life. You may not be finishing your quilts while in the RV but you will be able to have a quilting extravaganza on your return, won't that be fun?


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