Monday, January 9, 2017

Scrappy play

I've been working on a couple of scrappy projects lately. One is the Hillside Houses Quilt Along from Pretty Little Quilts. Except, you know, it ended in 2015 so I'm a little late to the game and not really quilting "along." More like "quilting after." I've sewn up the entire top and it's ginormous for me: 60"x75". That makes it really hard to even take a photo since it's windy and cold outside and there's no place inside where I can spread it out and also get far enough away to take a pic. So. No further documentation on that for now. Stay tuned!

I made three blocks for the January/February block drive for Covered in Love. These are faded quarter log cabins. Kat asked for cool colors, and the blocks use 3.5" scraps. I have tons and tons of cool scraps, but I usually cut mine to 2.5" and 1.5" strips, so I was only able to squeak out three blocks. I hope the green one is cool lightest pieces for the cabin center are fairly yellow.

Another idea that's been percolating in my head is a triangle quilt made from striped fabric. I've seen quite a few interesting square HST blocks made with stripes, but not too many 60 degree triangles, probably because it requires sewing the dreaded Y-seams. There's so much online fear and loathing of Y-seams that I haven't tried to tackle them, but the time seems ripe. I found this Kaye Woods video tutorial, watched it twice, and took the plunge. It was actually kind of fun! 

The two triangles in the photo are about 5" tall, and made from the same piece of striped fabric. I didn't like the fabric, so it was great for experimenting. However, I love how the triangles turned out, but I ran out of this OOP fabric, darn it! Oh well, time to experiment with a few other stripes in my stash.

Lots of quilting folks are playing along with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at So Scrappy. Angela announces the color around the first of each month and everyone sews their own projects using that color. I'm not participating, but it's fun to read about. January's color is purple. Between digging through my scraps for cool colors for Kat, and seeing so much purple on other blogs, I caught the purple bug. (It's so much nicer than the sniffly, sneezy, miserable bug I caught over Christmas!)

Ever since Claudia posted photos of her Chunky Churndash quilt on Instagram, I've been wanting to make a scrappy one myself. It's a Quiltville free pattern, and uses lots of 2.5" and 1.5" pieces. These are my first few blocks, all from my purple scraps. The winter lighting is odd and makes them look quite blue in this photo, but they are most definitely purple. Eventually there will also be hourglass blocks, which make these little pieces look like they are on point. I'll probably do primarily cool color blocks rather than a rainbow.

We are currently in Madisonville, LA (Hi, Linda! I responded to your comment about living in Mandeville, but you're a no-reply commenter so I'm not sure if you saw it.) There's a really good pizza joint here and last night I saw this little painting of abstract sailboats on the wall of the restaurant. I thought this would make a fun quilt. I guess I have rainbows on the brain right now! What caught my eye was how the ripply "reflections" were so simply portrayed by streaking white through the colors. That would be fairly easy to do with fabric, too.


  1. Intriguing little triangles - I love them, I hope you do make a quilt with these, using different striped fabrics would make a very interesting project.

  2. Cute chunky churndashes you've made. I sewed a few purple strings yesterday myself.

  3. You are certainly keeping busy, playing with your scraps! I have a ver scrappy leader/ended project happening. Scrappy makes me smile! I'm pretty intrigued by those triangle blocks. I will have to check them out further! Have fun in Louisiana! XO

  4. lots of fun projects on the go.... I did laugh at your 2015 sewalong that you are doing!! I do love scrappy projects and am doing the rainbow challenge to try and work with them...

  5. Those triangles are going to be amazing. I am intrigued with your travels AND quilting. I love the quilts hanging from ship. I hope it has warmed up a bit for you by now.

  6. Enjoyed your scrappy post! Love your Chunky Churndash blocks. They are so much fun. I just finished the handquilting on mine this week. The binding is made, the quilt is trimmed, and label is sewn on. All ready to but the binding on this weekend. Thanks for the mention.


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