Tuesday, January 17, 2017

More triangles and incoming stash


I made a few more of the Y-seam pieced triangles. These are a bit bigger, about 7" tall, and were cut from 2.75" strips. Strips about a yard long yield two triangles.

This is the original fabric, a very traditional style border. There are really only three distinct "stripes": the cream with brown, the lighter blue with diamonds, and the darker blue with floral. There's a similarity to the resulting triangles that I think would be a bit bland if I cut any more of them. The previous set of triangles from the brightly colored fabric were more interesting to me. I think this technique will work best with lots of colors and a variety of stripe widths.

In other quilty news, we had our mail forwarded last week and received a big box full of small, squishy, happy packages. It's been over a month since our last delivery and I guess I must have been subconsciously ordered myself lots of Christmas gifts. I also received a pinwheel quilt pattern from Val's Quilting Studio; thanks, Val!

A fat quarter bundle of gorgeous emerald greens, plus some nice tonal yardage. That pale yellow butterfly fabric will make a good background. And of course, bright stripes are always useful.

A big batch of neutral fabrics: pale gray flowers/snowflakes/thingies, darker gray giraffe spots, black and white stripes and spots, plus two 6-yard pieces of marbled black and navy blue. Someone was having a sale right after the holidays, if I remember correctly.

I also picked up a couple of nice panel fabrics. 

Italian food theme. Yum!

Lurid, crazy-eyed kitties.

Celestial faces by Dan Miller. I love his designs.

A FQ bundle of Laurel Burch fishes and swirls in her signature bright colors. This is from the older "Ocean Songs" line so I only paid $6.50 for ten FQs. Sa-weet!

A nice cream and yellow rooster background, bigger bright chickens, and backyard songbirds. I've sort of been on a chicken fabric kick lately and have enough for a good sized quilt now. Wild bird prints always appeal to me, too, the more realistic the better. Chickens can be funky, though.

And finally, the gal on eBay who makes men's ties out of science fabric had another big batch of scraps for sale, so I scooped them up. The project I started with the last batch is still in progress and will be one of the next things I work on. 

That's after I finish my Hillside Houses lap quilt. I'm in the middle of the FMQ, and here's a single house sneak preview. The lighter fabric is printed with a wood grain, so I stitched a wood grain in the darker shadowed side of this house. There are 18 houses, each with two different fabrics for the house sides plus a gray roof. I decided to do different FMQ designs in each of those 54 sections, but ran out of ideas and motivation at around a dozen. Eh, that's plenty.


  1. How lovely to get all that squishy mail - will keep you busy for a while. I love how you are doing your houses. I also struggle if I am trying to think of too many designs in a quilt.... sometimes a bit of repitition goes a long way!

  2. The triangles look great. That was really a lot of fun mail. It will keep you busy for awhile.

    The quilting looks great on the houses.

  3. Now that's some great mail! Love getting peaks into your deliveries!

  4. you were a lucky girl getting all that fabric. I like those triangles

  5. It must be like Christmas all over again when you receive your squishy packages-don't you forget what you ordered and it's a big surprise! What a nice haul;)


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