Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Angular Jungle almost finish

Angular Jungle, a quilt for Project Linus, is finished except for washing and drying. Still conserving water here on the boat, so I'll wash several newly finished quilts together next week.

I did easy, dot-to-dot style quilting in all the triangles and outlined the animal squares. I may need to go back and quilt the animals a bit more after washing; they seem a bit poofy to me.

The backing is this fun, bright button print that was given to me by Sue. It really hides the quilting wobbles and bobbles! I had all the right dark colors of thread to blend with the triangles, too, so the quilting pretty much disappears. The lighter line in the purple is a chalk mark to keep things moderately straight. Some fabric didn't mark as well with the Hera tool, so I used my chalk pen. 

The binding is a stripe that I bought recently at Spool in Chattanooga. My husband Sean says it reminds him of Beechnut Fruit Stripe gum. I like how the stripe contains white, to tie the white-backed animal squares together. This quilt is about 44" square, a good toddler size. 

Not much fall color here in Florence, AL. But plenty of color in this quilt!


  1. Very nice! I really like how the binding accents the animal blocks.

  2. It turned out so very cute! I love using stripe binding. Our fall color is mostly gone and it is dull looking now. 55 deg. today and tomorrow 70-mother nature just doesn't want to let go of warmer temps, me neither!

  3. What a great finish! I love striped binding also and even on the bias!

  4. congrates on the finish and how nice to make a charitable quilt!

  5. I missed this post! I was out braving the cold wind, chasing down a rare bird sighting. By the time I returned home, the day was spent and my email notification got lost in the shuffle. I adore this quilt! Won't some lucky child be delighted to call it his/her own! You're so special! XO

  6. Hello Louise,

    I love the strong colours - plenty for a toddler to look at!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks.

    Love, Muv


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