Friday, April 29, 2016

Whoop, whoop!

I was very excited to see a couple of my blocks today on Kat and Cat Quilts! Kat asked for adult-themed I-spy quilt blocks for the month of March, and I sent in several but forgot to take any pictures of them. 

That's my little plover in the navy blue square, and my artichoke surrounded by kitchen appliances. You should go look at the entire quilt at the link above; it turned out beautifully!

If you're unfamiliar with the term "I-spy" or "eye-spy," it comes from a children's game of the same name. One person says, "I spy, with my little eye, something that begins with the letter B." The other people playing the game looks around and tries to guess: Boat? Box? Oh, that bicycle! Whoever guesses correctly gets to spy the next object. I-spy quilts are very popular for children, and I made this one last year. 

When Kat asked for the blocks, she specified "novelty prints that would make adults smile." Hence the kitchen appliances, French horns, and Alexander Hamilton blocks. And speaking of adult fabrics, here's a bit more of the gift quilt I've been working on. Hmm, seems to be a definite theme here. 

I stitched red hearts all along the red border, and outlined each cup in dark brown. Once again, the blending threads hardly show on the front, but are quite visible on the back. The hearts look very heart-like on the back, but the cups are strange blobs! Today I'm doing a fill pattern on all the oval shapes...can you guess what they are supposed to be?

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