Thursday, May 12, 2016

Palmetto, FL

We are in a boat yard today, having some maintenance done. It's a dirty, dusty place. But I have two finishes to share, so I took photos in this less than lovely location.

I thought Bright Bento would look good against the white boat, but it's so far away that you can't really see much except the wash of colors. That's because I was standing on the ground, and the boat is "on the hard." That means it is out of the water and propped up on pieces of wood with the keel on the ground.

It's a loooong way up that rickety ladder near the back. It wobbled and swayed with every step I took. 

Here you can see the yard guys working underneath. I worried about the quilt falling down onto them. I think they were amused by it hanging above them, though.

Here it is, up closer. The flybridge was in half sun, half shade. Oh well, I'll try to get better photos after I wash it. It might be a week or so before that happens, though. Our fresh water supply is limited, so we have to carefully plan when we use the washing machine. 

Here is Charming Cupcakes, with the binding finished. It matches the kayak. It will also need to wait for it's trip through the washer and dryer. You can see more boat yard equipment in the background. That teal blue structure is the crane that lifted the boat out of the water. There's a short video of that on my Instagram feed.

If you can look up and past the yard, the view is lovely. This is the Manatee River behind the quilt. Hopefully, the boat will be splashed back into the river by the middle of next week. For now, though, we can only stay aboard during working hours and must leave in the evenings and for the weekend. I probably won't get much sewing done during this time unless the weather cools down. My sewing room sits mostly below the water line, and the river or ocean keeps it fairly cool. Out of the water and sitting in the hot sun, unable to run our air conditioners in the yard, it is hot hot hot down there!


Vicki in MN said...

Very pretty quilts Louise! Just read your previous post-you'll have to get your land legs back under you for a while won't you, that'll be different.

Lorna McMahon said...

What beautiful quilts! So bright and fun. How fun it must be to be quilting at sea. Enjoy your time on land before setting sail again and getting back to your quilting.